I had an injury to my back caused by an automobile accident and was sent to a neurosurgeon who put me on several medications, bed rest and a brace which was like that of a body cast! My back did not heal at all! I lost most of the muscles in my back and was in constant pain. I was miserable and bored. Since seeing Dr. Dave I have gained back a lot of the muscle in my back and am no longer in the body cast! Dr. Dave helps loosen my back and realign me so I feel like I did before the accident. I would Absolutely recommend him to others!

Shanna Yielhuber

For approximately two months, I was experiencing tingling sensation along with periods of numbness in my left arm.I visited my physician who prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and a wrist splint for suspected carpal tunnel.After 10 days of no relief I was sent to a specialist to perform a needle EMG test.Which was one of the worse experiences of my life!He jabbed me with a needle multiple times from my neck down to my arm which showed no results.I then saw Dr. Heiden for what he described as a pinched nerve.After two sessions with Dr. Heiden the pain and numbness were gone.I would highly recommend Dr. Heiden and his wife Kirah, they are very friendly and made me feel comfortable from my first step into their office.

Lori M. Bork

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